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Rodarte Fall/Winter 2008 backstage | Ph. Autumn de Wilde

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i shake in my boots for the good in your life you may have given up for the less-than-good in life that you are comfortable with.
Rakishi, “things i will say to my daughter” cir. 1963. 
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Elle Fanning short film on horrors of bulimia may be too much for victims

Dec 17, 2013

A haunting new short film featuring Elle Fanning accurately captures the aching sadness of life with an eating disorder, experts say. But as powerful as the message is, those currently suffering from disordered eating should probably avoid its graphic images.

Cinematographer Rodrigo Prieto made the eight-minute film, called “The Likeness,” with his 19-year-old daughter, Ximena, who became anorexic in her early teens. Prieto’s work includes award-winning films like “Brokeback Mountain,” “Argo,” and the forthcoming “The Wolf of Wall Street,” yet he says this short film is as important to him as any of those acclaimed full-length features. He was first approached by Candescent Films to create it as part of a series of shorts with a social message.

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"Her father and brother died in the same month. She developed a very bad problem in her head after that. For months, she would barely move. I was so worried about her that I took her to hospitals, and nothing worked. It was the hardest time of my life. But now she is better. She’s the greatest wife. Every time I come home, she makes me tea and thanks me for working all day."
"How did she fix her sadness?"
"None of the hospitals could help. But we just kept praying together."

(Naivasha, Kenya)

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get to know me meme [6/10] favorite movies - girl, interrupted (1999)
      i: what kind of tree can you be, janet, down there on the floor?
             j: i’m a fucking shrub, all right?

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